Motion Capture

A performance analysis system, on the run.

What is Umoform?

Umoform is a wearable compression garment that can quantify lower body movement data in real-time. Our ergonomic and cost effective solution aims to broaden consumer access to high quality kinematic gait data.

Works everywhere

Our system is not constrained to a lab and is designed to be used whenever, wherever. 


Umoform is completely wireless and can transmit as well as visualise movement in real time. 

Online Platform

The secure online platform makes backing up, sharing and replaying data a breeze. 


Umoform’s team are highly innovative and motivated. We have diverse experiences between our skillsets allowing us to bring significant insight into the product development process.

Matthew Dabin


PhD (Electrical Engineering)

Jordan Gale


Masters of Sports Technology

Zhe Zhang


PhD (Eectrical and Computer Engineering)

Contact Us

104 Victoria Street Carlton, Victoria 3053
EM: [email protected]
PH: +61 409 147 033